New Licensee Cost Estimates

Pre-License Course – 30 Hours

Career Education Systems (CES) has offices in Kansas City.
Day and Evening classes are available.
Payment: Enrollment fee | Cost: $ 250.00

For more information please visit:
www.ceske.com or www.Kansasrealtoreducation.com

30 Hour Kansas Practice Course     

Payment: Enrollment fee | Cost: $200.00

State of Kansas Salesperson Examination Fee

Payment: Enrollment fee | Cost: $75.00

License Application Fee
(Paid when activating license)

Payment: Pay to KS Real Estate Commission | Cost: $15.00

Background Check Fee
(Paid at time of application)

Payment: Cashier's check or money order payable to KREC | Cost: $64.00

Annual Professional Association Dues
(pro-rated to join date)

Payment: Pay to LBOR | Cost: $710.00

One-time Association Application Fee

Payment: Pay to LBOR | Cost: $150.00

Bi-Annual MLS Fee
(pro-rated to join date)

Payment: Pay to LBOR | Cost: $240.00

One-time MLS Application Fee

Payment: Pay to LBOR | Cost: $200.00

Supra Lockbox Key Lease
(Billing period March-February)

Payment: Pay to LBOR | Cost: $180.00

Lock Box eKey Activation Fee

Payment: One-time fee | Cost: $25.00

Notary Stamp & Notary Bonding

Payment: Agent expense | Cost: $80.00

E & O Insurance – Annual Fee

Payment: Pro rated | Cost: $200.00

Advertising is a Shared Expense

Estimated Start-Up Cost

Prices Subject to Change | Cost: $2389.00

Stephens Real Estate, Inc.
2701 W. Sixth Street
Lawrence, KS 66049

Phone: 785-841-4500
Toll-Free: 1-800-875-4315