COVID-19 Open House Instructions & Guidelines


COVID-19 Open House Instructions & Guidelines

The Stephens Real Estate team will continue to deliver a high level of service while navigating the challenges of COVID-19. As our community re-opens, sellers and agents may choose to host open houses. In the interest of public health and safety, homes accessible to the public will require extra precautions.

To minimize the risk of exposure to coronavirus for homeowners, agents, and guests we ask that these guidelines be observed when attending a Stephens Real Estate open house:

Stay home if you are potentially sick
You should not attend an open house if you are, or may be, infected with the COVID-19 virus or have been around any infected person(s). We recommend that those with compromised immune systems or other vulnerable populations not attend an open house.

Masks are required
Masks are mandatory at Stephens Real Estate open houses, both for agents and the public. Please plan-ahead and bring your own PPE - personal protective equipment. No one will be permitted without a mask. 

Check OH status on stephensre.com before visiting
While homes are typically open during the advertised dates and hours, homes may close to the public subject to the discretion of the seller and their agent in order to maintain a reasonable level of safety for themselves and the general public. To access up-to-the-minute info on the status of an individual home, please contact the agent or check stephensre.com.

Do not touch
Refrain from touching any surfaces, doors, drawers, or handles in the home.

Maintain social distance at all times
Maintain 6’ social distancing guidelines while waiting to enter the home, while talking to those working in the home, and while touring the home. This may mean you need to wait to enter a hallway or a room until others ahead of you have left the area.

Children may not attend
In order to lower the number of people inside a home and due to their inclination to touch surfaces, children will not be permitted to attend open houses.

Shortened home visits
Time within a home will be limited to 15 minutes in order to improve the flow of traffic.

Bring hand sanitizer
Sanitize hands before entering & immediately upon leaving a home.

Helpful Resources
News about COVID-19 and the guidelines related to it change often. For links to current info for Lawrence and Douglas County, please visit stephensre.com and click COVID-19 Resources on our home page.

Sellers & Agents may have additional requirements
Call the agent before the open house begins for details.

Please Note:
Open Houses are held on a case-by-case basis, pending the comfort levels of sellers and their agents. As guests in these homes, it is the responsibility of every attendee to adhere to the protocol and instructions provided prior to entering each home.

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