Prepare for Winter

Winter is a great time to curl up with a good book and a favorite sweater while enjoying the comforts of home, but you must also be ready for the cold temperatures. Here are a few tips from to help you stay safe and healthy.

Home maintenance matters. To ensure safety at home check to see all outdoor railings are secure and walkways are free of wobbly paving stones or bricks. And have a snow shovel handy.  

Keep yourself (and your wallet) warm. A little chill may not only have a negative effect on your health, it can also be a symptom of a home-energy leak that could make your utility bills higher than necessary. Consider using draft guards under entry doors, window insulation kits, seals for unused fireplaces, and reversing ceiling fans to push hot air near the ceiling down. 

Pile on the layers. Dressing in layers and using blankets and sweaters is a good way to keep warm without spending extra to keep the house at an ideal heat. It also helps your body stay warm when you’re out and about. When you do venture outside have a good pair of no-skid shoes to wear to help prevent falls.

Open the curtains. It may seem counterproductive to have the curtains wide open when you’re trying to save on heat and energy costs, yet letting sunlight in provides free heat and helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD.) With a brighter home you’ll feel more motivated and energetic during the winter months.

Keep moving. Winter is an important time to be active as exercise boosts immunity, mood and energy levels. Lawrence has many opportunities to be active during winter with dance classes, an indoor aquatic center, and the free indoor walking track and gym at Sports Pavilion Lawrence.

Safe driving. Prepare for winter by packing an emergency kit for your car with 2 blankets, nuts or granola bars, water, a flashlight, extra washer fluid, and a small shovel. A cell phone, charger, and full gas tank are also key to safe travel. Always remember to back your car completely out of the garage before warming it up as even an open garage can create dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Have a plan. With the possibility of a winter power-outage, it’s important to have several days’ supply of nonperishable food such as tuna, peanut butter, granola bars, nuts, and canned fruit. Keep a manual can opener handy. Keep flashlights, extra batteries, candles, and a battery operated radio in an easy to find location.

Be ready to enjoy this winter season. Stephens’ Pinterest page has ideas to help you prepare. Visit, and look for our Winter Tips board.

The Holidays in Lawrence

The weather outside could be frightful, but Lawrence and the surrounding towns are always delightful around the holidays. Mass Street is a spectacular show of lights and decorated windows, there are numerous holiday lighting ceremonies, concerts, and other events to attend, and plenty of unique gifts from which to choose. If you’re unsure of how to navigate the myriad of events and activities, use this article as your starting point for creating a memorable holiday outing perfect for family and friends.

While each year brings new and interesting events to attend, there are many timeless classics that shape the holiday season in Douglas County year after year. Consider starting your day with a Lawrence favorite that has been a tradition since 1993, the Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade, this year held on December 3rd. By only allowing horse-powered entries, the parade keeps the old-fashioned holiday spirit alive while drawing riders, horse teams, floats, and wagons from across the country. The Downtown Lawrence Winter Wonder Weekend, December 2-4, is filled with craft shows, a gingerbread contest, caroling, and live entertainment. Another fun activity to fill a bit of free time is the Library Lawn Skate Rink, open from late November through the end of January. At only $3 per person, the Skate Rink is an affordable family outing.

Be sure to see The Nutcracker: A Kansas Ballet 2016 performed by the Lawrence Ballet Theatre at the Lawrence Arts Center, December 9-18. For more fine arts holiday spirit, don’t miss Holiday Vespers from the KU School of Music on December 4 at the Lied Center.

Families who treasure selecting a Christmas tree together can visit Prairie Elf Christmas Trees or the Strawberry Hill Christmas Tree Farm – locally owned and operated farms that provide hayrides, hot drinks, and crafts to make your trip extra special. If you still need more holiday spirit, visit the extensive Christmas tree display in historic Lecompton, the Festival of Lights in Baldwin City, or the Santa Claus Express train ride at the Midland Railway.

Stephens Real Estate wishes you a happy holiday season, and we think these events along with the great restaurants and shops Lawrence offers promise plenty of opportunities for holiday cheer. 

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Living Lawrence

Lawrence is a great place to live, work and play, so we’ve included the Living Lawrence page on our website as a helpful resource. Read about it here, but definitely bookmark it on your computer, tablet or Smartphone because you’ll want to refer to it often – for lots of different things. Here’s an overview of what you will find at

Essential Information is the stuff you don’t often need, but is important to have handy. Find contact information for the police, sheriff and fire departments, along with a link to the Lawrence Public School District and Lawrence Memorial Hospital. 

Life gets tricky without our Utilities and Services. If you’re new to the area and need to connect gas and water service, or if your electricity is out, this section will help you find the people who can fix you up. We also include links that will be helpful if you need a driver’s license or a car tag. 

It’s easy to see that Lawrence embraces the arts. Check out our Museums, Art & Theatre area which will direct you to the dynamic Lawrence Arts Center or Van Go, the arts-based social service program. In addition, you can connect to Final Fridays’ site, a free monthly arts festival which allows artists to showcase their work throughout our town. Find information for area museums, Theatre Lawrence and the Lawrence Children’s Choir as well. 

Community Resources will give you links to everything from city recycling to the Health Department and the Boys & Girls Club. You may find a much needed service or a much desired volunteer opportunity, and you will definitely recognize that Lawrence is a resource-rich community!

The University of Kansas is its own bustling community within our city. We have included links to schedules, entertainment opportunities and events at KU.

Your options for recreational activities are many in Lawrence. Our Parks & Rec section has info about area parks, trails, tourism and sports as well as classes for adults and children throughout the year. Here you will find a link to the LPRD Activities Guide.

Downtown Lawrence is the heart of our city. Find information for activities, learn a little history, double-check the dates of the Farmer’s Market or find out what’s going on at the library.

We hope you will find our Living Lawrence page a helpful resource. With offices in Lawrence and Baldwin City, and a team of real estate professionals who are second to none, we’re your locally owned, independent real estate resource. Call us at 785.841.4500 or Contact Us.


Discover Eudora

There are many reasons some people prefer life in a small town. Maybe they enjoy wide open night skies filled with a carpet of stars or maybe they want to bring their children up with a real sense of community. If small town life seems right for you, Eudora may be the perfect spot. Between Lawrence and Kansas City, Eudora really is the best of both worlds: a small town close to big city conveniences.

The history of Eudora predates American settlement. This region was home to various Indian tribes for thousands of years. By 1857 a Shawnee Chief named Pascal Fish owned most of the land in the area and sold it to a German immigrant group. The Germans named their new community Eudora after Chief Fish’s daughter.

The Oregon and Santa Fe Trails passed by just a few miles south of Eudora. Countless travelers to the Western United States passed through this region from the 1840s through the 1860s. This area witnessed significant conflict during the Bleeding Kansas Era and the Civil War. The Eudora Community Museum displays exhibits devoted to Eudora’s history. 

Built in 2007, the City of Eudora maintains a state of the art community center which includes a fitness room, gymnasium, kitchen, outdoor pool, meeting rooms and indoor walking track. Fitness classes and sports round out the offerings.

The CPA Picnic is a three day celebration held every July. CPA stands for Central Protective Association and began as a picnic to honor those who protected Eudora from cattle rustlers and horse thieves in the late 1800s. EudoraFest, the annual fall celebration, is held the first Saturday in October. With crafts and art displays, food, music, a garden tractor pull and car show, and activities planned throughout the day EudoraFest is fun for everyone. 

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A Fun Eudora Fact: One of the greatest TV dads of all time, Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver, was portrayed by Hugh Beaumont, a Eudora native.


Lawrence: The Ultimate Sports Town

When thinking of what makes a sports town great, one with a winning team normally comes to mind. But is there more? Of course Lawrence is best known for being home to nationally-ranked KU sports programs, but has far more to its sports legacy than meets the eye. Lawrence knows it’s not just the record, it’s the culture.

Lawrence has an unparalleled sports history which began when James Naismith, the creator of the game, moved to Lawrence in 1898 and became the first ever University of Kansas basketball coach. In 1907 Phog Allen became head coach, beginning a 39 year coaching career at KU. Allen left his mark on the game by radically shifting what it meant to be a coach, playing a key role in adding the game to the Olympics, and retiring as the winningest coach in basketball.

Lawrence is widely known as the best place to watch basketball. The living spirit of the game is evident when you walk into Allen Fieldhouse on game day. Built in 1955 when Phog Allen still ruled the sport, the field house has never lost its sense of wonder. The culture of a game at Allen Fieldhouse drives KU to have one of the greatest home-court advantages in the country. One ESPN journalist who wrote about his experience stated “You don’t watch a game at The Phog as much as you go along for the ride.”

Our three local universities offer typical college athletics: football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and track, yet also offer soccer, rowing, diving, golf, wrestling, tennis, and even hockey. The broader sports scene in Lawrence also includes the annual Men’s Olympic Shot Put event, the Tour of Lawrence bike race, and a variety of creative 5k runs for viewing and participation. 

Lawrence’s prime location and short drive to Kansas City means easy access to professional sports. With World Series champs the Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, MLS Cup champions Sporting KC, and NASCAR races at the Kansas Speedway, there’s a world of sports right in Lawrence’s backyard. 

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