Cheri loves Lawrence and can’t imagine living anywhere else. She believes you have to pick your battles because life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. She tries to be helpful to her clients and provide information while avoiding high pressure. Cheri enjoys her home in the country, spending time with her family and playing with her grandson.


Shelley’s calm personality makes you feel confident that everything is under control. She likes being known as fair, approachable, and someone her clients like to work with. Shelley enjoys the small-town feel in Lawrence but also appreciates the big-city conveniences like great shopping and restaurants.

Team Ezell

Cheri and Shelley are sisters-in-law married to brothers who are builders. They have lived in Lawrence since they were young children and can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. Their real estate experience pairs well with their knowledge of construction.

Cheri and Shelley are individuals with various skills and strengths, but they work great as a team and can provide two different opinions or divide and conquer when needed. Their insider knowledge and long list of contacts for repair or remodel work are helpful resources for their clients. The Ezell Team is great at thinking outside the box and exploring the market to keep their clients informed.

What clients say

Cheri and Shelley, what a team! They are true ADVOCATES for their clients! They are both extremely personable and make the entire buying and selling process as streamlined as possible. They have a great local network and will put it to work for you. They have an excellent understanding of the market and will get you top dollar for your property. Whether you are looking to buy or sell…. look no further!

— Alex and Wendy

My husband and I highly recommend the team of Cheri Ezell and Shelley Ezell who worked together seamlessly to get our home sold in record time. They quickly and efficiently arranged for professionals to make a few needed upgrades and repairs after the inspection. A potential buyer was found within 48 hours of the listing. From listing to the final closing, the whole process took just over a month. These two women were knowledgeable and approachable and made the whole process easy for us.

— Judy

Cheri Ezell and Shelley Ezell are the perfect team who totally complement each other in selling real estate. They made sure my house listed at top dollar and came to me with three offers only a few days after it was shown in-house to the other realtors at Stephens Real Estate. The sale was as free of problems as any house sale could be.  Both Cheri and Shelley answered all my questions and really were the best. They found a house for my daughter about five years ago and she is still in it and loves it and the neighborhood. You could not ask for more experienced and thorough agents who know their stuff.

– Coyla

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