Ken has a real knack for real estate’s creative process and loves to work with clients on home projects, from design to build-out and finish, connecting them with the right contractors and vendors. He’s a cyclist, enjoys landscape design, and spends time at home working on ‘the next project.’

About Ken

Lawrence is my home. My roots are firmly planted as a 4th generation Lawrencian, 3rd generation Chesty Lion, and my two daughters are each 5th generation Jayhawks. You can count on my love for Lawrence, including its unique history, to be an advantage when selling, or purchasing, your Home.

I have been in sales my entire life, focusing always on delivering the best care to my clients. Starting at 14, my first 7 years were spent as an employee for my father in our family sporting goods store on Massachusetts Street, Morris Sports. I started a local commercial silk-screening company that focused on team, college bookstore and ski resort sales in 1981. In 1989, I started my career with Stephens Real Estate, quickly becoming a consistent ‘top producer’ for 21 years, leaving to pursue a new career in 2010 with a corporate 100 insurance company, again rising to a ‘top producer’ status. 

My goal has always been to finish my work career where I started, in Lawrence, doing what I have enjoyed doing best. Coming back to real estate, and Stephens Real Estate was an easy decision. My specialty has always been residential sales, with extensive experience in new construction. I can give guidance on what your current home needs to be market ready, help Buyers see the potential in an existing home, or sit with a Builder to help design that new home. Let me put my experience to work for you!

What clients say about Ken

Hey, I’d like to introduce you to MY REALTOR, Ken Morris—the associate you’ll come to know as you find your new home!  Ken will show you everything on the market that fits your lifestyle and your preferences, and is attentive to YOUR choices, not someone else’s.

But, any good Realtor worth their salts does that—that comes with the job description.  What makes my friend, Ken, special is what he does AFTER the sale has been made and the contract signed.  

You may wish to have expert assistance in redecorating an older home, or completely fitting-out a new home to be built or under construction.  Ken is an expert in matters such as colors, design, and trim.  My wife and I found his true value as OUR REALTOR after the sale when he patiently worked with us to help in making too many choices to mention in this short space.

Just as an example, Ken assisted my wife with the kitchen cabinet design in our new home, among other things.  He drew it all up on a big sheet of paper as Kathleen and I met with Ken and the builder in that unfinished kitchen.   Later, he advised on all the colors for the exterior of our home—with our concurrence, of course.

No, I’m not paid nor remunerated in any way for this writing.  Ken merely asked me if I’d write something for his Real Estate promos, and I accepted mostly to pay him back for all the advice he gave Kathleen and I some fourteen years ago at no charge.

—Lawrence Homeowner, Marvin Schulteis

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