Scot is hardworking, honest, caring, and believes “we are known for the tracks we leave behind.” He says, “My mom and dad are my heroes. They gave me all my good qualities.” Scot is a high energy guy, waking up before the sun to take a run each morning, and sneaking off to Colorado for some skiing as often as possible.

About Scot

Scot Hoffman epitomizes integrity, energy, and hard work. He, along with the support team of Stephens Real Estate, will handle every detail of your real estate transaction – from listing to closing, allowing you to buy or sell with less stress and more confidence.

Scot’s 21 years of experience have made him the “Go -To” agent in Douglas County and the surrounding areas. He’s a consistent leader with a reputation for working tirelessly to protect his clients’ interests. His savvy negotiation skills and creative marketing strategies join his uncompromising integrity to build unparalleled service for you. Scot is exceptionally well-respected, not only for his professional track record and high ethical standards, but for being an honest, hardworking family man who does everything in his power to ensure his clients’ success.

Scot is thankful for his exceptionally loyal clientele, personal referrals and repeat business which have formed the foundation of his career.

To ensure efficient, complete service when you’re ready to buy or sell your home, call Scot.

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