25 Years in Baldwin City

Time Flies
When You’re Having Fun.

Stephens Real Estate was founded in 1978, focusing on stellar service – to our clients and our community. When Bob Stephens decided to open a Branch office in Baldwin City 19 years later, he felt it was vital to build in downtown Baldwin – the city’s heart. He wanted Stephens to be involved with the community and felt like being at the center of it all was the best place to start. Having a presence in the heart of Baldwin City is still important 25 years later. We think of the office here as a resource for every Stephens agent, but it’s important that we have dedicated Baldwin City agents who work directly from 703 High Street.

Real estate is a relationship business, so the bonds built in Baldwin City are crucial, and the agents here know it. They thrive on the connections that, in some cases, have been made over many years.

Long-time agent, Debbie Morgan, is an excellent example of that. She went to High School in Baldwin City and raised boys who went to Baldwin High School and Baker University. When we opened the Baldwin City branch, Debbie was the Branch Broker – she says it’s a position she was proud to hold. She remembers quilts made by area quilters decorating the walls in those early days. Visitors would stop by the office to view the quilts – especially around the Maple Leaf Festival. And Debbie remembers giving out lots of candy to lots of trick-or-treaters who visited High Street on Halloween. 

Robyn Elder happily continued the Halloween tradition at the Stephens office. Interacting with kids and their families is something near and dear to her heart after working in the Baldwin School system for years and serving as a CASA representative. One of Robyn’s most memorable transactions as a realtor was helping a large Baldwin City family sell their property. 11 PEOPLE WERE INVOLVED! The family has lived in Baldwin City for generations and mentioned – more than once – that they would not have done business with anyone but a local Realtor. Robyn is about as local as local gets. She has lived on the same road outside of town her entire life.

At Stephens, we believe our people are our most important asset. Our agents are talented people who really know their stuff, and they have our full-service support team backing them up on every transaction. When choosing a real estate company, we believe the most important factors are the quality of your agent and the ease of your experience. Stephens shines at both.

A lot has changed since we opened our office here in 1997. But, we’ve never lost sight of the values that led to our success. We are still independent, still full-service, and still committed to Baldwin City’s success. We’re very proud to be an active partner in this community. Thank you, Baldwin City, for 25 great years – we couldn’t have done it without you.

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