Chris is energetic, hardworking, and straightforward. He’s a strategic planner and often uses the phrase “We have to play chess, not checkers.” His perfect day would be spent somewhere outdoors, preferably on a boat or riding ATVs with his wife and son.

About Chris

Born in Lawrence, Kansas, Chris grew up in rural Miami County then moved back to the Lawrence area in 2004. He attended KU for a couple of years and decided being an entrepreneur was the right fit for him. Self-employed since 2006, he has specialized in Foundation Repair & Construction, Marinas, Restaurants & Bars, and Small Business Management & Consulting.

Chris has successfully started and sold 4 businesses in the past 15 years, helping many new entrepreneurs start and succeed with their own ventures. This path has led him to business brokering and real estate, where he uses his skills and experience to work with real estate clients and new entrepreneurs.

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