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Planning to buy or sell a home near Lecompton, KS? Join hundreds of other satisfied property owners by choosing Stephens Real Estate. Our strong bond with the local community and reputation for personalized service mean you enjoy a satisfying transaction at the right price every time.

When you reach out to us, we partner you with a friendly and highly skilled property expert. They’re here to give you the latest advice on neighborhoods, schools, and market trends, and handle all the complicated processes on your behalf. Add to that the support of our talented support team and local partners, and you can have confidence in a smooth and stress-free real estate experience.


What makes our real estate agents different?

Real estate is about much more than simply pairing buyers and sellers. It’s also about helping the right people find the right properties at a price that makes everyone happy. That’s why we constantly nurture our agents’ talents and equip them with state-of-the-art tools to make sure you find your perfect match.

Every single one of our agents is also a Realtor®, and a member of the National, State, and Local Associations of Realtors®. They’re bound to a higher standard of conduct, and benefit from top-quality professional development training and networking opportunities that normal agents lack. So when you buy or sell a home near Lecompton, KS with Stephens Real Estate, you enter the housing market with an unbeatable competitive advantage.


Buy a home near Lecompton, KS

Getting an incredible property at an excellent price is every home-buyer’s dream. Stephens Real Estate agents make that dream a reality by handling every step of the complex buying process for you. Working with us gives you a swift and simple transaction that you, your family, and your checking account will love!


Sell a home near Lecompton, KS

Your agent starts by accurately valuing your property and advising you on how to make it more appealing. Then they work with our marketing coordinators to create serious buzz around the home you want to sell. And once they’ve found the ideal buyer, they help you negotiate your contract and prepare for home inspection to bring you a quick, profitable sale.


What makes Lecompton, KS special?

With just 700 residents, Lecompton is a peaceful yet vibrant rural city that offers a close-knit community and the small-town charm of thriving local businesses. But behind its quiet, leafy exterior lies a wealth of fascinating Civil War history brought to life by some notable historic landmarks.

Lecompton is located just 10 miles away from Topeka and Lawrence. Residents can enjoy their peaceful town life, but still hop across to the big city whenever the mood strikes. Property in Lecompton is also very affordable, and the cost of living is much lower compared to the national average and other cities in the state.


5 fun facts about Lecompton, KS

  • This city was originally named ‘Bald Eagle’ for the many eagles that nested along the river during the winter. Residents still enjoy birdwatching to this day!
  • Lecompton is known as the “Birthplace of the Civil War, Where Slavery Began to Die”
  • It served as the capital of the Kansas territory from 1855-1861
  • The award-winning Lecompton Territorial Capital Museum is housed inside the former Lane University, which was built on the foundations of the uncompleted capitol building
  • Readers of KANSAS! Magazine voted Lecompton a “best small town” in Kansas


Find your Lecompton, KS real estate agent today

Stephens Real Estate has spent more than 45 years helping people find success in the housing market. With our talented agents by your side, you can quickly buy or sell a home in Lecompton, KS at a great price. Contact us today for a smooth and successful real estate adventure.

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