Let the sunshine in.

Let the sunshine in. “A room is not a room without natural light,” according to the highly acclaimed modern architect Louis Kahn. In real estate, we often describe a house as having great natural light because it’s a selling point. And given a choice, most of us would pick an office with windows instead of

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Be safe and cozy at home.

Be safe and cozy at home. Winterizing your home will help protect your investment from potential damage and give you peace of mind. Here’s a to-do list to help you prepare for the cold winter months. PROTECT THE PIPESInsulate pipes that could freeze. When temperatures are extreme, let water drip in a few faucets to

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25 Years in Baldwin City

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. Stephens Real Estate was founded in 1978, focusing on stellar service – to our clients and our community. When Bob Stephens decided to open a Branch office in Baldwin City 19 years later, he felt it was vital to build in downtown Baldwin – the city’s heart. He wanted

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Johnny Dog

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Hot Home Trends

HOT HOME TREND What will 2022 bring for home interiors? Predicting what will happen in any given year is hard to do. Who would have expected the events of 2020, followed by 2021? But when it comes to this year’s interior design, experts anticipate trends to make our environments healthier and more functional. According to

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LBOR Awards

LAWRENCE BOARD OF REALTORS 2021 Annual Awards & Installations We’re excited to recognize Stephens Real Estate agents as two of the recipients of 2021 LBOR awards and four members of the Board of Directors. Congratulations to Don and Abigail for these seriously well-deserved awards. And thanks to Jill, Zach, Amy, & David for providing leadership

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Stephens Building Photo Tour

Photo Tour Welcome to Our New Home. Since the move last spring, we’ve settled in nicely to our completely transformed building at the corner of 6th and Lawrence Avenue. Our new home is beautiful with upgraded technology and plenty of individual and collaborative working areas. It’s a great space! We hope you will enjoy this

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